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Votre futur intérieur en 3D  

The 3D visual allows you to project yourself into your future interior created tailor-made by Honna Design according to your desires. To do this, you will receive a form by email in which you will tell us about your tastes, your desires and your desired decoration style.

In your order, you will receive several visuals of your 3D interior, the layout plan as well as a detailed shopping list of the products used.

Time to obtain 3D visuals once the form has been completed and returned by the client: 3 to 4 weeks.


Conception d'intérieurs 3D

Un espace mineur

Prix : 99.00 € 

Superficie :
Pièce < 10 

Type d'espace :

Entrée, cellier, buanderie, coin déco, coin bureau, WC ou couloir.

A living room
Price : 139.00
Room between 10 and 15 m².
Part type:

Office, dressing room, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen or dining room .

Une pièce XL
Prix : 299.00 
Superficie :
Pièce > 15
Type de pièce :
Suite parentale,
 séjour, suite d'hôtel.
Commercial premises
Price: from 299.00
Type of space :
Party room, restaurant, business, boutique and other on request
A XX L space
Type of structure:
Apartment, house, loft,
villa, estate, business, hotel and other
on demand.
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